Chennai, IN

Mentor and help in the Training of Junior artists.

• Help in Clear Briefing and QC of work.

• Working with leads and assisting in Calls/reviews when needed.

• Attend comp dailies and present their work to a supervisor and HODs.

• Working with their leads to establish clean and readable sequence templates and key looks.

• Deliver technical and creative renders/ final shots according to agreed schedule and specifications.

• Work with Pipeline team to Modify and create Gizmos and plugins for use in templates.

• Responsible for their own compositing duties and assist the leads in maintaining consistent quality control.

• Good communication skills are a must.

• Good understanding of shot/sequence brief then using creative & technical nuke skills to create a shot and sequences.

• Good experience of compositing to the highest-level quality and complexity for Hollywood-style productions.

• High-level nuke proficiency. Need to see evidence of this on the showreel.

• Use nuke batch render tools & neat video denoise tool for IDN plates.

• Good eye for colour and detail needed

• Good understanding of troubleshooting nuke scripts.

• mentoring experience

• experience of running internal daily sessions.